Friday, January 11, 2013

Stuffed Crust Pizza

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This pizza was really good! The only way I had ever had "stuffed crust" pizza before was with the cheese in the outside edge of the crust. But I had heard about making stuffed crust pizza by making a mixture of ricotta, eggs, and cheeses ( I used only mozzarella, as that's all I had on hand) and putting it between two layers of crust.

For two pizzas, I used my basic pizza crust recipe  and divided the dough into four sections to rise. I made the sauce by simmering diced tomatoes, onions, garlic, sea salt and a little fresh basil.

I spread out my pizza crust on a greased pizza pan, dotted it with fork holes all over, and then spread an egg and cheese mixture on the crust. Then I rolled out the second crust and placed it over the top, also dotting it with fork holes all around. I put this much in the oven (425*) for about 7 minutes, and then went to work on my toppings, which included the sauce, a few small leaves of basil, browned hot sausage, and mozzarella. I did the same for another pizza, then put both in the oven to bake. I switched racks every now and then so they would get done evenly.

It was SO yummy . . . I can't wait to do this one again : )

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