Friday, June 13, 2014

Strudel . . . Ahhh...

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Strudel . . . strudel is amazing. Light, buttery, flaky . . . mmmmm... However, I rarely make a whole batch of strudel. I mostly just use the ends of the long, tubelike roll to make 4 strudels when I make a big batch of cinnamon rolls. For strudel, I allow for a longer rising time, then roll out, and fold, roll out and fold - incorporating plenty of softened butter into the dough. It makes for a very delicate pastry.

After getting just the right amount of butter folded in, the dough is rolled out into a long rectangle and spread with filling down the middle. Then the sides are folded over brochure style and slits cut in the top.

Once baked, a glaze or icing can be spread or drizzled over the top, and nuts if desired. Yum!

Underneath It All

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I'm always showing my rolls from the top with all the gooey goodness, but just so ya know, they look pretty tasty from bottom view as well!

Pictured on top are caramel apple rolls and on the bottom are chocolate chip Nutella rolls.both were a big hit!

These would also be very tasty with a powdered sugar icing or glaze.