Sunday, December 2, 2018

Move Over Hash Browns - Kale Is Here

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I love my potatoes, that's for sure. But I have been on a real health kick lately, not so much by choice this time as of necessity, and the name of the game is chelation. Long story, but I can say briefly that one of the VIP's in this game is brain-healthy glutathione, and this dish is packed with it. Kale, garlic, onions, walnuts, and over-easy eggs.

I started out by sauteeing the garlic. I usually do this in two stages, adding more garlic when the first little bit is just about done, so that I end up with some of it a little bit crispy, which gives it a totally different flavor. Yum.

Then I add the finely chopped red onion. Of course, white onion would do as well. And then, lots of finely chopped fresh kale. It's important to start with more than you think you need because it will shrink as it wilts. Right towards the end, I add some finely chopped walnuts and stir those in, with a sprinkling of chopped walnuts on top as well.

I then top with two perfectly cooked over easy eggs, with the yolks nice and soft while the whites are cooked through. Yes, this is attainable. Just fry your eggs on a lower temperature and be patient. If you see and here the edges of the whites crackling as you put the egg in the pan, you have the pan too hot and the outside of the whites will be done long before the insides.

Well, I had my doubts about this, but it was indeed amazing, and I have eaten it every day for the past three days. Mmmm.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Caramel Rolls, Hot from the Oven

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I don't know if there is any treat that tastes as good on a snowy Nebraska day as a nice, hot caramel roll, right from the oven! Loaded with cinnamon sugar and butter on the inside and gooey, made-from-scratch caramel on the outside - Mmmm!


The rolls are just a basic, sweet roll recipe (I use unbleached flour, organic unbleached sugar, yeast, sea salt, butter, and eggs), and the caramel sauce is made by slow-cooking corn syrup (or maybe some organic brown rice syrup - it's a bit healthier and adds a unique taste), sugar, sea salt, butter, and cream (milk or half and half will do) in a very particular manner.

Want to spice things up a bit? Try adding canned pumpkin and extra cinnamon and sugar to your rolls to make pumpkin caramel rolls. If you don't have the time to make a nice, slow-cooked caramel sauce, here's a trick my daughter uses that makes a really tasty caramel sauce, especially on the pumpkin rolls: Just mix melted vanilla ice cream equal parts with brown sugar and put your sliced, unbaked rolls on top. Bake as usual. Different taste and texture, but still very yummy!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Strudel . . . Ahhh...

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Strudel . . . strudel is amazing. Light, buttery, flaky . . . mmmmm... However, I rarely make a whole batch of strudel. I mostly just use the ends of the long, tubelike roll to make 4 strudels when I make a big batch of cinnamon rolls. For strudel, I allow for a longer rising time, then roll out, and fold, roll out and fold - incorporating plenty of softened butter into the dough. It makes for a very delicate pastry.

After getting just the right amount of butter folded in, the dough is rolled out into a long rectangle and spread with filling down the middle. Then the sides are folded over brochure style and slits cut in the top.

Once baked, a glaze or icing can be spread or drizzled over the top, and nuts if desired. Yum!